Questions regarding treatment
How is a chiropractic adjustment performed?
Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a manual procedure that utilizes the highly refined skills developed during the doctor of chiropractic’s intensive years of chiropractic education. The chiropractor typically uses his hands to manipulate the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to restore or enhance joint function. This helps to reduce and eventually resolve joint inflammation and reduce pain. Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor adjusts the procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients often note positive changes in their symptoms immediately following treatment.

What conditions can a chiropractor treat?
Chiropractic care can treat neck, back and sacral pain. Headaches, joint pain, muscle spasms, stress, arm and/or leg tingling and sciatica are also treated successfully. Patients that have neck or back pain that causes tingling sensations in the arms, hands, legs or feet are also helped by chiropractic care. Chiropractic care restores spinal alignment and the body’s nervous system is able to function normally again, thereby relieving the tingling and numbness sensations.

Is chiropractic treatment ongoing?
Yes. Chiropractic care is hands on approach and a specific course of treatment will be developed for you. The acute care (beginning treatment) is the most intensive and the length of time for this stage of treatment will vary. You will then be moved into the second stage of care which is called passive care; this care is less frequent treatment and typically lasts 3-6 months. Finally at stage three you will receive care at the maintenance level that will help keep your spine in optimal condition. You will receive a treatment plan at your second visit that explains the course of treatment that the Dr. feels best treats your particular set of symptoms. Your condition determines the number of visits that is needed to correct your condition.

Why is there a popping sound when a joint is adjusted?
Adjustment (or manipulation) of a joint may result in the release of a gas bubble between the joints, which makes a popping sound. The same thing occurs when you “crack” your knuckles. The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint, which results in gas bubbles being released. There is usually minimal, if any, discomfort involved.

Is chiropractic care safe for children?
Yes. Many children have benefited from chiropractic care. Children receive injuries from falls, sports and car accidents. Children can experience pain, stiffness and soreness that can be effectively treated with chiropractic care.

Questions about insurance
We have provided answers to a few common questions. Please be sure to call the office with any specific billings questions you may have.

What insurances do you participate with?
We currently participate with BCBS, United Health Care, Empire Plan, Aetna, Medicare, Workers Compensation and No Fault. If your insurance is not on this list, please give our office a call to see if we participate.

Do I need a referral for chiropractic care?
Many commercial insurance companies do not require a referral; however there are several managed care companies that do require one. Please contact your insurance company to find out the specific details of your coverage. If you are covered by Medicare, No Fault or Workers Compensation then you do not need a referral.

​​​​​What billing or insurance information will I receive?
As part of our commitment to providing outstanding service to our patients, we bill insurance companies directly. Co-pays are due at the time of service and if there is a remaining balance after we receive the benefit information from the insurance, we will send you a bill. Bills are sent out on a monthly basis.

​How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?
It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to hear back from the insurance company. You should receive a bill in the next billing cycle from our office, if there is any remaining balance due.

I received a notice that my insurance company has paid on my bill – but I can’t understand how they calculated their payment amount. Do you know?​
​We can try to help you with this but the explanation that you receive from your insurance company is different from the one that we receive. We can explain to you the charges from our office and the explanation of benefits we have received from the insurance. If there is still confusion, you will need to contact your insurance company directly.