Chiropractic care provides safe and effective treatment of many back and neck
But don’t just take our word for it. 
Read on to see what just a
few of our many satisfied
patients have to say. 

My back pain disappeared after two weeks, about the same for my neck. The headaches I had decreased dramatically. There is some residual stiffness but nothing that would prevent me from continuing with normal activities. I can’t believe that I suffered for three years and never thought about a chiropractor. It’s been like a blessing from God! ~Deborah ~ Fayetteville, NY

I had severe lower middle back pain and shooting pain into my legs.Within two months the pain that had caused all my problems was lessened and within four months I was back to active sports once again. I would recommend chiropractic care to others who are suffering or in pain. ~ Robert ~ Manlius, NY

I had severe pain in my neck and back. I couldn’t turn my head to the right or let because of the pain. I couldn’t even lift my arms to read the paper. Dr. Giordano took the time to explain alot about my type of injury. He told me what was wrong and what it would take to correct it. It took about three months but I feel 100% right now. I didn’t lose any time from work and he even worked in the early morning before I had to start work. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor first before you get any medication from your doctor. ~ Michael ~ Dewitt, NY

I suffered from headaches and muscle spasms constantly. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I hadn’t been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Giordano seemed genuinely interested about my health. Secondly, the doctor was very knowledgeable about the effects of good chiropractic care. Thirdly, the doctor was willing to share this inforamtion. My results have been excellent. Only rarely do I experience spasms any more and after six months the headaches have not bothered me ~ James ~Manlius, NY

I had pain in my neck, back, shoulders, hand, hip and foot. I had been to physical therapy and layed on a machine that did not good whatsoever. I went to an orthopedist that included long waits to get an appointment and then waiting 2 go 3 hours in the office for my appointment while I was in pain. This office had a friendly cheerful, caring atmospher. The office was always clean and attractive. I have had great results with chiropractic care. I have much more flexibility and less pain in all areas. Some areas I have no pain in. I would recommend chiropractic care to others, it is a natural drug free, effective way to manage pain ~ Beatrice ~ Syracuse, NY

I work in construction and my back constantly gets tight, stiff and painful. Dr. Giordano has always provided me with great professional service making my pain and symptoms ease so that I could continue with work. My son recently was injured while playing football and I immediately called Dr. Giordano for his opinion. Dr. GIordano came in on his day off to see and treat my son, and did it without hesitation. I would recommed Dr. Giordano to everyone who wanted a caring, professional and devoted chiropractor. ~ Joe ~ East Syracuse, NY

I had pain in my lower back and a stiff neck. The pain was so bad at times, that I had to walk hunched over. I got to the point I couldn’t straightened my back while standing or walking. My doctor gave me muscle relaxers which just caused my muscles to stay balled up. The doctor stayed late to see me the day I called. I felt better after the very first visit and after a week I was back to normal activities! It is so great to have your problems resolved through exercise, chiropractic care and best of all NO drugs! I would recommend that others don’t wait as long as I did to get help. – Doug

I couldn’t stand straight, it was uncomfortable to walk, lay or sit. Dr. Giordano had me walking normally with 3 visits! Dr. Giordano and his staff are very friendly and personable. The stretching exercises for my lower back were very good. – Carolyn